Terms and Services

Terms and Services
1.     The Site " Barahadamuttugalu.blogspot.com " is Hosted under Google Blogger you must agree to all terms and service of Google.
2.     We Don't Ask any personal information's of your's. for subscribing newsletter,and RSS feeds you may have to give your E-Mail Id. We Don't Get information's regarding to it.
3.     "Follow our Blog" options make you to be our registered users and before following read Terms and services. While you follow our blog you will not be disturbed us. Read Google policy while you connect us with Google friend connect
4.     The Templates we use is not ours and it has been copied through net and edited as per design we needed.
5.     The Contents Posted in the site belongs to Admin of the site [ Chandrashekar. s Anthara ].
6.     The contents or Information shared in the Blog/website is original admin of this site has the copyright of all contents.
7.     The Users who surf this blog can read the information's published on the website but must not use for marketing purpose.
8.     The users who use this website has only the right to read the information and not republish it any where claiming that it is his own.
9.     The users who want to re publish this article in any websites or in any kind of media must get Admin [writer] chandrashekar. S. Prior Permission.
10. If the information Shared on the website is published in any other Media Without Notice of Admin Legal actions will be taken on the person who published in other media.
11. The Articles and Photos Published in this website is already published in other media under the byline of Mr. Chandrashekar. s. Anthara, and if you use the information's posted on this website/blog for your educational purpose or for any seminars " USE REFERENCE TOOL" and our Site/blog name or Publisher/writer name in your seminar papers.
12. The Articles Published here must not be printed as book and marketed without Writer's Notice or Legal proof/permission of writer.
13. The comments you users publish for the posts must not contain any objectionable content like sexuality. religion abuse etc.
14. The Contents posted on this website is purely opinion of Admin/writer if you feel bad about contents stop visiting our sites.
15. Users while sharing the contents in social network websites must only share through share link on our websites. You don't have right to copy contents and post it in any social network or any websites.
16. The Terms may changed any time without informing users, so while you visit the site please see terms and service and surf the website.
1.     The Site Provides Services such as news and Articles regarding some issue or people purely opinion of writer.
2.     The service we provide you at most contains images writings and videos. it depends on the posts and news. it may be disliked by you. In such case please stop surfing our website.
3.     Users can comment for every posts and has the freedom to share through social networks like Facebook etc.. through share link provided in the site without prior notice of admin.
4.     If you want to share any views and contact admin use our E-mail. or contact feed back form or our social network pages.
5.     RSS feeds, Subscribe through E-Mail [News letter] facilities are available to you users
6.     Follow your Blog and be a Member of our family option is open to you by the tool Google friend connect.
7.     Facebook, googleplus, and other social network pages link are been provided to you to follow our blog/site
8.     New Services soon to be updated so stay connected with us.

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